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The Establishment of Beijing Aerospace Golden Shield Technology Company

Recently‚ the establishment meeting of Beijing Aerospace Golden Shield Technology Company has been convened. The officers of Aisino Corporation including general manager Yu Wensheng and vice general manager Zhang Changjin have attended the meeting.


For many years‚ Aisino has always been pursuing the development‚ integration and service of public security information system‚ and the developed several products and system integration project have acquired definite achievements in public security system and become the important strategic partners of Golden Shield Project.

In order to enhance the competitiveness in Golden Shield Project and extend the public security informatization business‚ the company is actively searching for industrial competitive partners and cooperates with Shanghai Jingui Technology Development Company to invest the Beijing Aerospace Golden Shield Technology Company‚ which mainly pursues to the development of management informatization series products for public security.


Because the joint-venture company integrates advanced resources of both companies’ capital‚ technology‚ professionals and service network in Golden Shield Project and complements each other in some degree‚ it has rapidly enhanced our company’s competitiveness in Golden Shield industry as well as established a good foundation for the company’s leadership in public security industry.

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