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Aisino Successfully Holds First Financial & Tax Members Forum in Training Industry
From June 30 to July 2, 2011, the First AisinoFinancial & Tax Members Forum in Training Industry hosted by the Technical Service Center of Aisino Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Aisino) and undertaken by Hubei Aisino was held in Enshi Tujia & Miao Nationality Autonomous Prefecture of Hubei Province, and 31 finance managers of the member companies from Jiangsu, Shanxi and Hubei attended this forum.
The topic of the first forum was the Financial and Tax Cultivation of Excellent Managers, and the main lecturer was Mr. Xiao Xiaodong, a famous finance and tax expert in China. Mr. Xiao Xiaodong elaborated on how the enterprise managers shall cultivate their required financial and tax ability in daily work, and made specific and detailed suggestions for enterprise managers to improve such ability. The special guest Hu Yan with Jiangsu Aisino gave a special lecture on Managers’ Cultural Cultivation to the forum participants, who all indicated that the forum was closely related and beneficial to their work from then on. And the forum was concluded in an atmosphere of heated discussion and friendly communication.
With the development of Aisino Corporation Financial & tax members business in training industry, it is believed that more and more member companies will join the big family of Aisino Corporation training. As an important communication platform, the Financial & Tax Members Forum will be held year after year, continuously serving the numerous member companies, and playing an important role in the sustainable development of Aisino Corporation’s training industry.
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