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Deputy GM of CASIC Gao Hongwei Visits Aisino Corporation
To implement the important strategic decision of “Boosting the Second Venture and Seeking Leapfrog Development” of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC), promote the subordinates of CASIC to go all out on all key tasks of the whole year, plan and arrange the next-year work in advance and further drive the scientific development of CASIC, Deputy General Manager of CASIC Gao Hongwei, Head of Development & Plan Department Yin Xingtong, Head of Economic Cooperation Department Shi Yang, Deputy Head of Assets Operation Department Huang Hui and other leaders visited Aisino Corporation (Aisino) for survey and work guidance on Aug. 9, 2010. Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Aisino Liu Zhennan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Board Wuqing, Deputy General Manager Gong Baoguo, CFO Pan Qiujia, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of Board of Directors Wang Yumin and persons-in-charge of relevant departments attended the survey report meeting.
Liu Zhennan expressed a warm welcome to the group headed by Gao Hongwei and sincere thanks for the long-time guidance and energetic supports from CASIC. Based on Aisino’s H1 revenue, profit, cash flow, proportion of gross profit, accounts receivable, net assets, net assets per share, revenue and other economic data, with “good operation and high quality”, Liu gave a brief introduction on the economic operating situation of Aisino in the first half of 2011 and answered the questions from the leaders of the survey group. Subsequently, Deputy General Manager of Aisino Gong Baoguo on behalf of the operating team delivered a detailed report to the survey leading group on the 2011 economic operation, the 2012 operating plan arrangement, key industries (products) R&D and market development situation, basic construction and technical transformation work, internationalized operation, the implementation of major reform and adjustment strategic measures of CASIC and the process of increasing yield and revenue. Around the development of Aisino’s major business, the major problems facing Aisino and related measures are analyzed.
After carefully listening the working report of Aisino, Gao Hongwei made an important speech. He said that Aisino, as the best one among all listed companies under CASIC and also a iconic company of CASIC, has been maintaining healthy, sustained and rapid development and obtained the high recognition of professional organizations, customers and the society, which is closely linked with the positive contribution of massive cardres and workers. For Aisino that has become a star enterprise, the increasing economic strength and social influence is an affirmation of the past achievements and also means higher demands and new challenges. It is a task facing Aisino to adapt new development need. As major shareholder, CASIC is very optimistic about information industry and the development of Aisino. Gao put forwards with specific requirements for the major business prospects and internationalized development of Aisino. He pointed out that Aisino China shall give full play to its role as a leading IT enterprise and actively drives a number of fraternal units to move forwards and outwards for a common development!
Liu Zhennansaid on behalf of Aisino that Aisino will follow the requirements of CASIC to do a better job in structural adjustment, strategic planning, internal cooperation, corporate image building, etc. according to the requirements of CASIC and make contribution to the second venture and leapfrog development of CASIC.
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