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CASIC Group Leader of Discipline Inspection Gao Fulai Visits Aisino Zhuozhou Branch
On Aug. 11, 2011, Gao Fulai, a member of party leadership group and Group Leader of Discipline Inspection of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC), visited Aisino Corporation (Aisino) Zhouzhou Branch for survey and work guidance, in the company of Gao Feng, Associate Group Leader of Discipline Inspection and Head of Discipline Inspection & Supervision Department, and Yang Wei, Deputy-Division-Grade Surveyor. The team was warmly received by Wu Qing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Board of Aisino, Fu Jianjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, and Zhang Bin, General Manager Assistant of Aisino and General Manager of Aisino Zhuozhou Branch.
The team firstly visited the production lines and productive processes of Electronics Assembly Factory and IC Card Production Factory of Zhuozhou Branch. Gao Fulai was very concerned about each link of the production lines and had an in-depth understanding and detailed inquiry on relevant situations.
After that, the visiting team listened to relevant working reports at the meeting room.
Wu Qing presided over the meeting and expressed warm welcome on behalf of Aisino to the team. At the meeting, Wu gave a brief introduction on the Aisino’s achievements in such aspects as economic indicators completion, dealing with market change, technological R&D and application, and the implementation of “Go Out” strategy. Fu Jianjun gave a report on the operation, CCP team building, discipline inspection and other work of Aisino in the first half of 2011. Zhang Bin introduced the basic situation of Zhuozhou Branch and the completion situation of economic indicators in the first half of 2011, analyzed the existing inadequacy and clarified the future work thought.
Gao Fulai delivered an important speech after listening report. He said that Aisino is the best listed company in CASIC by assets quality and economic benefit, with good operating achievement and good beginning in tapping international market; and Zhuozhou Branch owns high-level of management and production line and satisfying performance. Meanwhile, Gao highly praised the working status of production line operators.
Gao Fulai gave some advices on Aisino’s Development: First, first-class enterprise needs first-class system as guarantee. The competitiveness of enterprises lies not only in capital, resources, technology, equipment and other hard power, but also in risk prevention and other soft power. Aisino shall continue to strengthen system building to effectively prevent operational risk, legal risk and leader growth risk; Second, Aisino shall continue to do market tapping well. Aisino owns complete market development and service system at home, quite large management margin and relatively long management chain, so correspondingly it face high quality requirement of management. Aisino shall pay attention to the refining level of management, well solve the bottlenecks in development, further explore the potential and improve the speed and quality of development. It also shall pay attention to the opportunity brought by economic globalization, step up studying and establishing the institutional mechanism adapting to the development of international market, and accelerate the pace of Aisino towards the world; Third, Aisino shall further strengthen building grass-roots party organization. Grass-roots party organization is needed to be built and the Party’s plans and policies shall be conscientiously implemented where state-owned assets exist, and this reflects the company's soft power. Meanwhile, party member development shall be paid attention to gradually increase the proportion of party members in staff members. The backbones shall be developed into party members and party members into backbones.
Wu Qing said that Gao’s instructions will play an active role in Aisino completing the task in the second half and boosting the 12th Five-Year Plan. Aisino will carefully understand the spirit of the speech from Gao and develop concrete measures to accelerate stead and fast development. Aisino will live up to CASIC ardent expectations.
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