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Aisino Ranks No. 20 on Fortune’s List of Most Innovative Chinese Companies
On August 12, 2011, Fortune released the List of the Most Innovative Chinese Companies and Aisino Corporation (Aisino) ranked No. 20.
Founded in 1996, Fortune (Chinese Version) is published by Times Company under the U.S. Time Warner Group and the sole Chinese version of Fortune’s publications. 
The appraisal of the Most Innovative Chinese Companies is jointly conducted by Fortune (Chinese Version) and Pan-Pacific Management and Research Center. Through dividing Chinese Top 500 Enterprises into 25 groups by industry and preliminarily appraising them according to operating income, net profit margin, return on equity and other indicators, 52 candidates are selected firstly. Then experts are invited to assess the 52 enterprises from such angles as innovative strategies, products, ability to attract innovative talents, management process and innovative competitiveness. Finally, top 25 are selected.
This honor for Aisino fully reflects the company’s strength and strong development momentum in innovation capacity. In recent years, in accordance with the management and development thinking of “consolidating foundation, expanding main industry, developing service, setting foot in military products and reaching out to the world”, Aisino has been constantly tapping new business fields, with big breakthroughs in terms of R&D and new harvest in market expansion. Its new business is growing swiftly, its international operation is budding and its innovative capability is rising. In the business pattern reshaped by the Internet and globalization, Aisino will seize opportunities to continually enhance the innovation capability and make greater contribution to the state’s informatization construction.
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