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Aisino Printers Enter Hubei Medical System
Recently, in the invitation to equipment bid by Hubei Medical System, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) won upon the outstanding product property of Aisino printers and stable and smooth service channels the bids of three projects, namely Shiyan Yunxian County Health Bureau Printer Procurement Project, Xiaogan Yunmeng County Health Bureau Office Automation Procurement Bidding Project and Huazhong University of Science and Technology Tongji Hospital Stylus Printer Bidding Project.
In recent years, in order to serve people's livelihood, Chinese government has been increasing the investment in health service system, and medical institutions at all levels are seeking environment-friendly equipment featuring lower energy consumption, more convenience and higher efficiency in modernized office field. This time, Aisino printers succeeded in winning the bids of the three projects relating to equipment bidding of Hubei medical system upon the advantages in speed, cost, quality, environmental protection and data security, reflecting the unique advantages of Aisino printers. The application of Aisino printers in medical system still has two highlights: First, anti-rewriting function. The documents of medical system like e-prescription and charge bills have quite high requirements for the reliability and security of data. The anti-rewriting function of Aisino printers can effectively prevent the intentional alteration of the printed data, greatly enhancing the security of important data; Second, green and healthy. Aisino printers are more economical and durable and highlight energy saving and environmental protection considerations in the process of design. Aisino printers have passed CCC certification, CCEC/T18-2003 China Energy Conservation Certification and China Environmental Labeling Certification, the highest standard in China. With manufacturing standards fully in line with EU RoHS directives, they contain no lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other harmful substances to human body and fully meet the requirements of health care system to create a green and healthy environment.
Aisino printers are new hi-tech products with independent intellectual property and have such functions as high-speed printing, high penetrating power and supporting large character set. The adoption of such patent technologies as pin switch and pin compensation as well as such advanced technologies as one-key-printing and anti-rewriting not only greatly improves the availability factor and prolongs the overall life span, but also makes the operation of printers easier, more stable and more high-efficient. The bid winning in the Aisino’s first attempt to enter medical industry not only verifies the reliable quality and strong power of Aisino printer, but also increases Aisino’s confidence in providing more professional products and service. Aisino will further tap market, optimize product structure and continually make contribution to the state’s economic construction and serving livelihood.
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