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Summit on “Taxation-oriented ERP: Planning the Corporate Future ” Held in Beijing
The Summit on Corporate Tax Accounting and ERP, focusing on ‘Taxation-oriented ERP, Planning the Corporate Future’, was held in Beijing on September 6, 2011.During the summit, Zhang Guangtong, vice dean of the School of Taxation, Central University of Finance and Economics, Cao Kaibin, senior expert in information industry and general manager of China Software Network, Chen Jiangning, deputy general manager of Aisino Corporation (“Aisino”) and general manager of Aisino Software Technology Co.,Ltd. (“Aisino Software”), among others, shared their views on different topics, such as the information development in corporate tax accounting, and the functions of integrated taxation system of ERP. Meanwhile, Aisino Software demonstrated their ERP product that integrates the taxation planning function.
"By leveraging our advantages in taxation information development, Aisino proposed the new concept of integrating financial and taxation management, differentiating itself with its competitors in terms of functions, ideas and marketing strategies for the management software products. Meanwhile, we launched the first set of information-based product in China that integrates the function of corporate taxation management based on the concept,” said Chen Jiangning. After revealing the new thinking of Aisino Software on products R&D and development strategy, he also shared his insight on how the company has leveraged its advantage in information development amid the new economic conditions to help many SMEs enhance their internal skills, improve their capacity of risk resistance and meet the future challenge.
His speech was followed by Zhang Guangtong, who stressed that it has become a general trend worldwide to separate the corporate tax accounting from financial accounting system and establish a relatively independent tax accounting system. While the taxation planning can help modern enterprises maximize their financial targets, a set of optimal operating scheme on tax payment can reduce the tax burden and maximize the profits of the enterprises.
As Cao Kaibin noted, the demands of corporate users on management software have become more professional, industry-specific and integrated. As the tax accounting is playing an increasingly important role in corporate operation and management, it must be integrated in the management software from the architectural design stage, and the taxation-oriented management software can be the final solution. According to the figures of relevant research institution, the size for the tax accounting management software market in China is expected to reach up to 580 billion yuan in 2011, and the huge market demand will lead the new direction of ERP sector.
As the leader in the area of corporate tax accounting in China, Aisino Software has differentiated itself from its competitors in products positioning and concept by fully leveraging its own advantages in financial and taxation sector and by combining with its exterior system. It has developed a solution that integrates network, hardware, software and data standards and can meet the needs of enterprises at different growth stages. Specifically, it has successfully launched the first ERP product with “tax accounting system” in China. This product, which is applied at the same technical platform (AOS) as other products, can provide a number of services for the enterprises, ranging from financial and taxation management, investment management, market risks prediction, cross-regional corporate integration, sales gain assessment, to judgment of information for decision-making, promotion and distribution, after-sales service and maintenance, comprehensive quality management, HR management, project analysis, and e-commerce. At the same time, it can fully support the in-depth application of the enterprises in some special business processes according to the specific needs of enterprises, as well as the special demand of development target for the whole industry. Furthermore, a rich information-based overall management model of corporate edition is developed with its scalable functions. The concept of taxation-oriented ERP, which incorporates new corporate tax accounting software, is a brand-new practice providing help for the enterprises in terms of corporate taxation business management. By helping the enterprises plan their own operational profits, operational activities, and growth roadmap, the concept is expected to assist many domestic companies at growth stage in planning their future and building information-based entities.
The successful holding of the event has not only spotlighted the corporate tax accounting effort, but paved a new way for the competitive ERP market. We firmly believe that the corporate management software market will witness a new upsurge of “Taxation-oriented ERP” in the coming days.
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