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The president of Aisino Xia Guohong was introducing company’s commercial cipher technology to Wang Gang, the director of State General Office

On Sep. 13th 2004‚ the administrative office of State Cipher Management Committee held the “National Commercial Cipher Products Exhibition” in Military museum. Xia Guohong‚ the director of science & technology committee of China Aerospace Science & Industry Group Company and the president of Aisino Company‚ introduced achievements in commercial cipher industry by China Aerospace Science & Industry Group Company and its subordinate Aisino Company to the visitor Wang Gang‚ who is the alternate member of CPC Central Political Bureau‚ the member of secretariat of CPC Central Committee as well as the director of Central Administrative Office‚ and he visited the Aerospace Science & Industry Information Technology Institute and exhibition place of Aisino Company together with Xia Guohong and the general manager of Aisino Yu Wensheng.

President Xia said‚ that Aerospace Science & Industry Group has been devoting the science and technology solution in high-tech industry for many years‚ and has made outstanding achievement in research and application in commercial cipher technology. Because the company focuses on the huge potential of commercial cipher technology‚ Aerospace Science & Industry Group has established Aisino Company in 2000‚ which is mainly pursuing on development of commercial cipher technology. The company participated in some national major commercial cipher projects such as Golden-tax Project and Golden Card project‚ and among them‚ the company developed the major component of national Golden-tax Project‚ i.e. VAT Anti-fake & Tax-rein System‚ which was granted the second prize of National Science Advancement and Chinese Excellent Invention & Patent Awards. After ten years generalization and implementation‚ it has been popularized to nationwide 1.5 million general taxpayer enterprises and played an important role for protecting national tax collection. Therefore‚ the tax collection rate of our country has increased from 54.3% in 1994 to 66.74% in 2003‚ and the total amount of tax collection has increased 250 billion yuan from 1994 to 2003.

Aisino has got outstanding achievements in IC Card area as well. The IC Operating System of PowerCOS‚ JK101 Non-contact General Reading & Writing Machine and JK103 Bus Ticket Machine developed by company have been the leading standard in domestic market‚ and HWX-201 type IC Card‚ which is also developed by the company‚ is appreciated as “China First Card”. Company’s IC Card products have been widely used in many industries such as tax administration‚ finance‚ custom office‚ public security‚ transportation‚ communication‚ insurance and civil public utilities.

Then‚ Wang Gang made his confirmation on the achievements in commercial cipher area by China Aerospace Science & Industry Group Company and its subordinate Aisino Company.

This product exhibition gathered nationwide excellent commercial cipher development and application enterprises and fully exhibited our country’s strength and latest achievements in commercial cipher area. In the topic lecture of the exhibition‚ as the important enterprise in commercial cipher region‚ Aisino was the first one to give the topic lecture. The vice general manager of Aisino Zhang Changjin gave the lecture of “Cipher Technology Application in Chinese Electronic Administrative Informatization” and introduced the research strength of Aisino in cipher technology region and the contribution for national electronic administration informatization.
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