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isino Being Entitled as 2006 World Market China (Electron) Ten Annual Brands

Recently‚ the 14th World Productivity Convention was hold at Shenyang‚ which received high attention from some organizations of U. N.‚ World Productivity Alliance‚ World Science Academe and Chinese officers. Zeng Peiyan‚ vice premier of State Council‚ Jiang Zhenghua‚ vice-chairman of The Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress‚ the officers of Liaoning province‚ United Nations Development Program and United Nations Environment Program‚ chairman and  president of World Productivity Alliance‚ director of World Productivity Academe‚ professionals‚ and related personnel of abroad business circles attended the opening ceremony.
  With Productivity Development as the subject‚ aiming to promote world peace‚ prosperity‚ harmony and productivity‚ World Productivity Convention has been hold for 12 times. Focusing onLet China Brands Enter World Market‚ the convention entitled Aisino Corporation as 2006 World Market China (Electron) Ten Annual Brands.


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