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Aisino Corporation Attending the 6th High-Tech Fair

Recently‚ the 6th High-Tech Fair was hold at Anhui International Convention Center‚ which was sponsored by Anhui province government‚ China Association for Science and Technology‚ State Intellectual Property Office of China and WTA‚ and undertaken by Hefei government. Aisino Corporation was invited to join the fair. Xia Guohong‚ board chairman of Aisino Corporation attended the fair as a VIP.

With the subject as “Aisino Corporation‚ China informatization”‚ different departments of Aisino Corporation and Anhui Aisino stroke a pose at the fair together. Xia Guohong‚ board chairman of Aisino Corporation‚ Zhao Yonghai‚ deputy board chairman of Aisino Corporation‚ and Liu Zhennan‚ general manager of Aisino Corporation were stationed at the Aisino booth. Sun Jinlong‚ secretary of Hefei Municipal Committee of CPC‚ Mr. He‚ director of Anhui Informatization Industry Office‚ and so on visited the Aisino booth and gave high appraisals for comprehensive strength of Aisino Corporation. Huang Tongwen‚ chairman of Hefei Local People’s Congress‚ Wang Linjian‚ standing vice-mayor of Hefei‚ and Xia Guohong‚ board chairman of Aisino Corporation had a close talk together. Huang Hai‚ vice-governor of Anhui province and some related officers treated Aisino Corporation.

    Aisino booth manifested the design ideology of “simple‚ but not ordinary” and showed the product characteristics of “Aisino Quality”. With undertaking state “Three Golden” as the main background‚ focusing on the unceasing exploration of the products that market needs‚ and exhibiting all products of 7 departments‚ the exhibition fully embodied outstanding achievements of Aisino Corporation‚ enhanced the influence force of Aisino‚ and laid a solid foundation for the business development in Anhui. 
  During the fair‚ Liu Zhennan was invited to attend summit dialogue of “International Forum of China Central Part Science and Technology Innovation and Risk Investment”. Mr. Liu addressed: “Innovation is the main manifestation of corporation inheriting Aerospace spirit. Meanwhile‚ Aisino Corporation keeps on regarding human resource as the most important strategic resource of enterprise development. Aisino Corporation sticks to scientific development ideology‚ talent ideology and achievement ideology. We will adhere to relying on talent superiority‚ abstracting own kernel technology‚ developing self advantages‚ and occupying the summit of information technology.” His wonderful speech won a lot of applauses.

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