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Aisino was appraised as National Customer Satisfactory Enterprise in 2004

Recently‚ the China Association for Quality appraised Aisino Corporation as National Customer Satisfactory Enterprise in 2004‚ and company’s major software “VAT Special Invoice Anti-fake & Tax-rein System” was appraised as National Customer Satisfactory Product in 2004.

China Association for Quality made this appraisal based on relevant regulations of Product Quality Law and third party customers’ satisfactory‚ and got the result after recommendation of regional and industrial quality association and customer committee as well as approval of directors’ meeting of national customer committee. The appraised enterprises and products include 97 National Customer Satisfactory Enterprises and 93 National Customer Satisfactory Products.

The principal of China Association for Quality said that this appraisal was to provide improving information for products and service quality of enterprise and to push enterprise establishing customer-oriented operating management system by customer appraisal and investigation.

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