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Aisino wins three awards at Annual Symposium for China’s Internet of Things RFID Development

On Apr. 16, 2013, “The 5th Annual Symposium for China’s Internet of Things RFID Development” hosted by the National Golden Card Project Internet of Things Alliance and the China Information Industry Commerce Chamber was held in Wuxi City, Jiangsu. As a vice-president unit, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) attended the symposium and won the “Award for Leading Enterprises in Internet of Things in China 2012”. Its independently developed “Aisino Food and Drug Safety Supervision System” and “Aisino Residence Permit Management & Service Platform” won the “Award for Excellent RFID Application Achievements in China” and the “Award for Excellent Demonstration Project of Internet of Things Application in China” respectively. And this is the fifth time for Aisino to have won the award at the symposium. 



Furthermore, Aisino’s Grain Depot Management System based on Internet of Things, Essential Medicine Electronic Supervision System for Qingdao Food and Drug Administration and Floating Population’s Residence Permit Management & Service System Construction and Application as three excellent cases are incorporated into A Collection of Excellent Application Cases in China’s Internet of Things RFID (Vol. 4) officially released at this symposium.

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