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Huadi Company is listed among “Key Innovative Enterprises”
On Apr. 17, 2013, Huadi Computer Group Co., Ltd (Huadi Company) controlled by Aisino Corporation was listed among the third “Key Innovative Enterprises” in Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area to be specially cultivated.
“Key Innovative Enterprises” is an innovative-enterprise cultivation project in Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area proposed by Beijing municipal Party committee and municipal government in 2010, and it is aimed at pooling together the leading enterprises which are possessed of great comprehensive strengths, which involve growth capacity, innovation capability and market influence, to form an innovative enterprise cluster with global influence, and it is targeted at innovative enterprises whose income scale is above one billion, ten billion, and a hundred billion.
Having been listed among the “Key Innovative Enterprises” to be specially cultivated, Huadi Company will obtain the “One Enterprise, One Policy” policy support from Beijing, which is substantially conducive to the market development, technological innovation, introduction of talents, brand promotion, and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, providing a broader space for the company’s rapid development in the future.
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