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Aisino holds annual general meeting of stockholders 2012

In the morning of Apr. 26, 2013, Aisino Corporation held the annual general meeting of stockholders 2012 in Aisino Center, 22 shareholders and shareholder's agents attended the meeting, the shares represented by whom account for 49.65% of the company’s total stock issue, and also, Aisino’s directors, supervisors and senior executives in Beijing attended this meeting. 


Yu Bin, President of Aisino presides over the general meeting of stockholders 
The scene of the general meeting of stockholders

President Yu Bin presided over the meeting, at which 7 bills were deliberated and passed, namely The Board of Directors’ Work Report 2012, The Board of Supervisors’ Work Report 2012, Final Account Report 2012, Work Report 2012, Profit Sharing Plan 2012, The Bill on Revising the Articles of Association and The Bill on Inviting an Audit Agency 2013.
At the meeting, the shareholders communicated with the company management on the company’s financial condition, industry sector development and strategic development planning, made suggestions on the future direction of the company’s industry development, and expressed a high expectation for its development prospects.
At last, President Yu Bin on behalf of the Board of Directors extended gratitude to the shareholders for their care and support, and said that he was expecting the advice and suggestions from all shareholders on the company’s long-term development and hoped to keep in active communication with shareholders. Besides, he indicated that the company would keep improving industrial structure and maintain its steady and sound development momentum.

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