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One Collective and Three Individuals of Aisino Win Labor Emulation Commendations of CASIC
In May 2014, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) issued its decisions on commending the advanced collectives and individuals in “Wubao” Labor Emulation 2011-2013. One collective and three individuals of Aisino Corporation (Aisino) were commended. Among them, Aisino Golden Card Branch was honored as Advance Collective, and Lian Jun with Electronic Product Division, Wu Jinbao with Aisino Jiangsu and Yang Yi with Sichuan Aerospace Jinsui were praised as advanced individuals.
   Aisino Golden Card Branch wins the honor of Advanced Collective in the competition
Around the overall development thinking of second pioneering, the trade unions at all levels of Aisino carried out labor emulation in combination with the working priorities of their units. According to statistics, since 2011, more than 5,000 employees have participated in the emulation, the items of the emulation have been more than 200, and totally 12 advanced collective and 27 advanced individuals have been commended. The emulation has made contribution to ensuring the overall completion of various scientific research, production and operation tasks and promoting the company’s transformation and upgrading.
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