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Aisino Holds 2013 Shareholders’ Meeting

On the morning of April 17, 2014, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) smoothly held 2013 Shareholders’ Meeting and the 12th meeting of the 5th Board of Directors at Aisino Park, Beijing.
The shareholders’ meeting was presided over by Mr. Shi Yang, Chairman of the Board of Aisino. The directors, supervisors, senior executives and newly appointed director candidates attended the meeting. The meeting considered and passed 9 resolutions, including Board of Directors Working Report 2013, Board of Supervisors Working Report 2013, Annual Report 2013 and Profit Distribution Scheme 2013.

Mr. Shi Yang presides over shareholders’ meeting

Mr. Yu Liang answers the questions of shareholders

Mr. Tang Wenzhong, independent director, delivers independent director working report

Mr. Fu Jianjun, Supervisory Board Chairman, delivers Board of Supervisors working report

Scene of shareholders’ meeting

At the meeting, the participating shareholders had sufficient communications and exchanges with the management of the company on the company’s future development strategy, the development planning and market pattern of the three industry plates, the company’s core technological advantages, capital operating planning, state-owned enterprise reform and other issues. They also actively make suggestions on the company’s future industrial development directions and expressed their expectations on the company’s future development.
Finally, Mr. Shi Yang expressed gratitude on behalf of the company to the shareholders for their long-term firm support and trust to the company. In the future, the company’s Board of Directors will firmly seize the opportunity of national reform, actively promote industrial transformation and upgrading, continue to keep the company’s stable development momentum and strive to create greater economic value and social value to reward our shareholders and society.

Mr. Shi Yang presides over meeting of Board of Directors

Scene of meeting of Board of Directors

After the shareholders’ meeting, the company held the 12th meeting of the 5th Board of Directors. Presided over by Mr. Shi Yang, Chairman of the Board of Aisino, the meeting considered and passed the Proposal on Setting up Wholly-State Owned Subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the Proposal on Adjusting the Members of the Special Committees of Board of Directors.

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