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Aisino Wins Team Champion of Table Tennis Competition of Beijing Association of Commercial Code Industry

On June 14, 2014, Beijing Association of Commercial Code Industry held a table tennis competition at the table tennis training hall of Beijing University of Technology, and Aisino Corporation (Aisino) won team championship of the game. Guo Baoan, Deputy General Manager of Aisino, participated in the game and presided over the prize-awarding ceremony.

Guo Baoan, Deputy General Manager of Aisino, participates in the game

A total of 167 male players and 56 female players participated in the competition this time, and 13 units participated in team competition. In addition to the team champion, Aisino’s delegate won women’s singles champion and second runner-up. Two players of men’s single lost to their rivals and stop competition at the final eight.

Aisino’s delegate wins team champion

Aisino’s players win the champion (third from the right) and second runner-up (second from the right) of women’s single

Aisino’s male players

Aisino’s female players

As a leading enterprise in Beijing’s commercial code industry, Aisino has participated in and organized code technology training, policy pronouncements, member exchanges, standard collections and discussions and staff cultural and sports activities for years. It plays an active role as a leading enterprise in advancing the development of commercial code industry, realizing resource sharing and strengthening industry self-discipline.

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