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Aisino Holds Chess & Card Match

Dec.26-31, 2014, Aisino Corporation (Aisino)’s Employees Chess & Card Match was held successfully in Aisino Park. This match was hosted by the Labor Union of Aisino and organized by the Labor Union of Aisino Systems Engineering (Beijing) Corporation, and nearly 120 employees from 10 labor unions took part in the match.
This match included three events: Chinese chess, Shengji (Upgrade) and “Fight the Landlord”, and the participating teams and players were engaged in intense competitions. In Chinese chess, Jia Wenhe came first, Sun Daming came second, and Zhang Lei and Pan Jingxu tied for third place. In Shengji (Upgrade), Liang Xiao and Zhong Yuan came first, Zheng Xianyou and Zhang Yong came second, Yin Zhipeng, Yang Yong, Chen Bo and Fang Yuwei tied for third place. In “Fight the Landlord”, the Aisino Labor Union team came first, the Aisino Software Labor Union team came second, and the Jiewen Technology Company Labor Union team came third. Sun Yan, Chairman of the Labor Union of Aisino presented awards to the winning teams and individuals.
By holding colorful staff cultural activities, Aisino actively creates a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, shows the workers' positive, united and cooperative spirit, and further strengthens the employees’ cohesion.

Chinese chess

The Shengji (Upgrade) match

“Fight the Landlord”

Top three in Shengji (Upgrade)

Top three teams in “Fight the Landlord”

The top three in Chinese chess

Group photo of award-winning representatives and the field staff

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