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Aisino Specially Deploys 2015 Tax Promotion Work
On December 26, 2014, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) held a special meeting on 2015 national “business tax reform to AVT” large-scale promotion work deployment at this yearend. The meeting aims to inform the situation related to VAT invoice system upgrade pilot work and carefully plan and actively deploy 2015 national “business tax reform to AVT” large-scale promotion work in advance in order to successfully complete this major national task, while successfully completing the arrangement, start and beginning of the company’ key jobs in 2015.
“Business tax reform to AVT” is one of the important areas of national taxation reform, and through several scope expansions, the State Council has identified it will cover all sectors in 2015. In accordance with the requirements of the State Administration of Taxation, starting from January 1, 2015, VAT invoicing system upgrade version will be promoted within the range of general taxpayers recognized in the country; in the year 2015, “business tax reform to AVT” will be gradually extended to all sectors, with the transformation of the VAT invoicing system upgrade edition targeting at original general VAT payers and involving a large number of users.
As a key job in the taxation area in 2015, the large-scale promotion of “business tax reform to AVT” features tight schedule and heavy task and has a tremendous impact on national tax reform and the development of relevant industries. VAT anti-forgery control belongs to the core business of Aisino. To ensure the good completion of this work, continue to play the years of great advantages of the company in the field of VAT anti-forgery control and continue to bravely shoulder the social responsibilities of a central enterprise, Aisino, on the basis of the successful pilot experience of many cities, has regarded the successful completion of the national “business tax reform to AVT” promotion as the top priority in 2015. The holding of this special meeting at the end of the year of 2014 aims to unify thinking, have careful arrangement, conduct full mobilization and make full preparation in terms of personnel, product and service through the development of effective response measures and market strategies. The meeting will play a leading role in Aisino consolidating tax foundation, promoting transformation and upgrading and long-term development.
In the large-scale promotion of “business tax reform to AVT”, Aisino’s tax business will face such “new normal states” as sharp increase in the number of households, more changes and more emergency situations. Faced with the grim situation, Aisino will further strengthen talent team construction, complete assessment and incentive policies, actively respond to challenges, fully ensure the completion of the work related to the national promotion of “business tax reform to AVT”, fully display the technical force of aerospace technology and make new contribution for the country’s economic construction, tax reform and tax information level improvement through constantly improving product quality and service quality and improving and expanding product line.
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