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Gao Hongwei Visits Aisino for Survey and Work Guidance

On March 4, 2015, Mr. Gao Hongwei, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Chairman of the Board of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) visited Aisino Corporation (Aisino) for survey and work guidance, accompanied by Mr. Huang Xingdong, Director of Development Planning, Mr. Zhang Enhai, Director of Assets Operation and Mr. Ma Tianhui of Economic Cooperation of CASIC.

Gao makes important instructions

Shi Yang delivers work report

Meeting scene

Gao Hongwei carefully listened to the work report made by Aisino and made important instructions. He fully affirmed Aisino’s achievements in 2014, its 2015 working plan and the implementation of the important matters concerned by the leaders of CASIC and pointed out that Aisino has been taking lead among the units of CASIC in terms of marketing, sales and service. Gao put forward requirements on Aisino’s work in 2015: have in-depth study and thinking around the opportunities and challenges facing the big development of tax foundation; focus on the development of independent controllable safety and corporate credit business in addition to Golden Tax, financial payment and IoT, forge it into the company’s new pillar within ten years, and make efforts in international business; regard independent controllable safety and corporate credit business as new business to strengthen the assessment of service units and achieve full-system landing as noon as possible. Gao Hongwei pointed out that currently Aisino is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading and should further adjust and improve the business structure and continue to lead the development of CASIC’s civilian industry to make more contributions for CASIC’s early development into a world-class aerospace defense company.

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