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Wei Yiyin Visits Aisino Needy Employees

On Feb.16, 2015, with the Spring Festival of the Year of the Goat around corner, Wei Yiyin, Vice General Manager and member of the party group of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) came to Aisino, visited needy party members and needy employees, chitchatted with them and inquired after their health and needs, sending the corporation's care to the homes of the masses. Sun Xuetao, Chairman of CASIC HQ Labor Union, Shi Yang, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Aisino, and Sun Yan, Chairman of the Labor Union of Aisino accompanied the visit.

Every place he went, Wei Yiyin learnt in detail about the physical and living conditions of Aisino employees and their families, introduced the reform and development situation of CASIC and Aisino, thanked them for their positive contribution, and sent them holiday blessings and warm care on behalf of CASIC’s leading Party group.

CASIC leaders went to the grassroots, and their profound concern for needy party members and employees made Aisino employees and their families feel warm and touched. They said they thanked CASIC Party group’s and Aisino Party committee’s long-term concern and care, they were more confident about the company's development, and would make new, greater contribution to Aisino’s developing into a first-class international IT enterprise group.
Previously, Aisino Party committee and Labor Union also carried out a similar greeting & care-showing activity. On Feb.13, retired employees of the company were invited by the Labor Union of Aisino to “go home to have a look”. Sun Yan, Chairman of the Labor Union on behalf of Aisino Party committee and the management extended Spring Festival greetings to the retirees, thanked them for their contributions to the company and listened to these old comrades' opinions and suggestions on company development and management of retirees.

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