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Aisino Successfully Finished the Online Road Show for Convertible Bonds IPO

On June 11, 2015, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) held a successful online investor communication meeting on China Securities Net for the IPO of its convertible bonds. Shi Yang, Chairman of the Board of Aisino, Chen Shishu, Deputy General Manager and Board Secretary and representatives of the underwriter, China Securities Co., Ltd., exchanged ideas over the IPO in depth with investors on line and carefully answered their questions.

Funds raised via the IPO will be invested into four Aisino key projects: Industrial upgrading of the Golden tax services and application expansion, Financial E-payment and financial service industrialization, Independently developed safe IoT technologies and application industrialization, information security key technology R&D and basic information capacity construction.

Shi Yang noted that Aisino is in a key period of transformation and upgrading. The company is gradually realizing an industrial layout of three legs: Golden tax and corporate market, financial E-payment and service, and IoT technologies and applications. The IPO shall be an important landmark in Aisino’s development history. With the successful implementation of these projects, the company will largely improve its technical capacity in three core industry fields, its market competitiveness and its user-service capacity. In return, these actions shall powerfully push the development of the three key industries to a new level, accelerate the pace of the company’s industrial transformation, and facilitate the company to achieve the overall strategic goal of “becoming a world-class IT enterprise group”.

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