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Aisino Starts 2015 Safe Production Month and Carried out Flood Control and Security Emergency Drills

In line with the theme of 2015 National Safe Production Month, i.e. “Strengthen Security by Law and Ensure Safe Production”, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) carried out a series of emergency response activities in terms of flood control and theft prevention at Aisino Park on June 10, 2015.

Building an emergency dam with sandbags to prevent rainwater intrusion

Installing emergency pump to drain out rainwater

One emergency drill focused on a simulated storm situation where rainwater flooded into an underground garage from the northeast entrance, endangering the safety of the underground space. Aisino promptly kicked off flood emergency response plan, timely took flood control measures, successfully prevented the rainwater intrusion, and ensured the safe operation of the park.

Guards capturing a theft

Another emergency drill focused on a simulated security situation where a suspicious person tried to steal a bicycle at the east gate of Aisino Park in a bad weather. Aisino quickly kicked off its anti-theft emergency plan. Then the guards hurried to the site with steel forks, shields and other equipments to stop the theft. Eventually, the offender was quickly put under control and people’s property was protected from losing.

These emergency drills made the flood control and anti-theft response procedures clearer to the responsible persons, effectively improved their capacity in handling similar matters, shortened the response time of the emergency response team. It’s believed that, by continuously strengthening production safety education and training and improving its emergency response capabilities, Aisino will become more effective in handling emergencies.

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