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Aisino joins hands with Tianhong Fund Launch Internet enterprise financial management service

The rapid development and massive user base of Internet technology make more and more people involved in financial investment, and also make financial products spread more widely. As “Internet+ finance” enters a “New Normal”, and the popularity of enterprises’ "Balance Bao"-type financial products is continuously going up. On Sep. 23, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) and Tianhong Fund Management Co, Ltd. (Tianhong Fund) jointly launched a “Hangtian Caixin” enterprise financing platform, and declared they would, based on their respective peculiar advantages, provide small and medium-sized enterprises with financial management services of high fluidity and stable returns.

The launching ceremony

“Hangtian Caixin” enterprise financing platform is a monetary fund product Aisino created based on Aisino “Micro-tax Platform”, combined with Tianhong Fund’s advanced ideas in Internet finance. The platform integrates Aisino’s anti-counterfeiting tax control security technology with Micro-tax Platform’s massive customer resources, which is coupled with Tianhong Fund’s “Cash Keeper” and investment management capacity to provide business owners and financial personnel with an innovative model for investment & financial management, and thus makes a most flexible channel for enterprises’ fragmentary capital management.

Yu Liang, General Manager of Aisino delivers a speech

To conduct financial management through the “Hangtian Caixin” platform, the enterprise users don't need to submit complex account opening information, and only need to enter the financial management platform and plug in a Golden Tax Disk to directly open an account. At the same time, the platform also supports closed-loop operation of bank account and capital with the same name as the company's business license; in the process of financial management, an enterprise user only needs to preset the time of redemption when subscribing to financial management, and he will have his capital redeemed automatically upon maturity -- with no handling charge, realization in a timely manner, and the degree of risk greatly reduced. As for the corporate income tax issue about which users are concerned, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the enterprise’s income from securities investment fund allocation will be exempted from corporate income tax. Gains realized through “Hangtian Caixin” platform financial management belong to dividend income, which means that the earnings enterprise users have obtained through this platform can enjoy tax exemption policy.

Guo Shuqiang, General Manager of Tianhong Fund delivers a speech

At the launching ceremony of “Hangtian Caixin” enterprise financing platform, Yu Liang, General Manager of Aisino said, as an SOE -controlled listed company, Aisino had been actively fulfilling the social responsibility of serving the country with aerospace technology and had made significant contributions to the nation’s information construction in such industries as tax, Internet of Things, and finance over the years. Aisino is a main force of national information security construction, regarding national economy construction as its own duty and paying close attention to the growth and development of the enterprise. The launch of “Hangtian Caixin” enterprise financing platform this time is a portrayal of Aisino’s actively responding to the state's call for “nationwide entrepreneurship and innovation” and “Internet+”, and giving full play to its high and new technologies, superior products, marketing service network all over the country and other strong strength to provide a strong technical support for the enterprise's innovation and development, alleviating financing difficulty, guarding against financial risk, improving corporate profitability. The “Hangtian Caixin” enterprise financing platform and other financial & tax products independently developed by Aisino jointly constitute Aisino’s enterprise Internet service platform -- “Micro-tax Platform”, which will provide enterprises with diversified, inclusive Internet financial services, meeting large enterprises' demand for convenience, and gathering small and micro businesses’ financing and financial management needs.

Guo Shuqiang, General Manager of Tianhong Fund said, an important feature of “Internet+” is cross-border cooperation. The “Hangtian Caixin” enterprise financing platform is a safe, convenient and stable cash management platform Aisino and Tianhong Fund have jointly built for enterprises in line with a “creating value for customers" Internet spirit and in the form of Internet finance. In the future, the two sides will also enter into all-round cooperation in R&D of Internet financial products, big data, investment management, customer service and other aspects, earnestly thereby providing users with more convenient and more intelligent Internet financial services.

The launch of the “Hangtian Caixin” enterprise financing platform is an upgraded innovation Aisino and Tianhong Fund made in the field of Internet financial service, and also a solid step the two sides have taken on the road of complementing each other's advantages and pursuing win-win cooperation. In response to the national “Internet+” policy, the two parties will “join up and make collaborative innovation”, provides enterprises with user-friendly cash management services, and contribute to promoting the sound development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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