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Aisino boosts “Internet+ public security affairs” Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau exit-entry 24H self-service lobby put into formal use

On Aug. 14, 2015, the first exit-entry 24H self-service lobby in Northeast China in whose construction Aisino Corporation (Aisino) participated was put into formal use in Shenyang. Relevant leaders of Shenyang Municipal Government, Liaoning Province Public Security Department, Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and Aisino attended the launching ceremony.

At the launching ceremony

Xu Shuwen, Member of CPC Committee of Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau and Executive Deputy Director of the Municipal Office for Stability Maintenance presided at the ceremony. Xu Wenyou, Deputy Mayor of Shenyang, Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Municipal Public Security Bureau and Guan Yaolin, Deputy Director-General and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Liaoning Province Public Security Department jointly unveiled the nameplate of the service lobby, announcing the service lobby was put into formal use.

Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau’s exit-entry 24H self-service lobby is put into use

Ma Zhenzhou, General Manager of Aisino Golden Card Company said in his speech, as the provider of the service lobby’s self-service equipment and technical services, Aisino’s cooperation with Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau and Exit-Entry Administration Bureau this time was a reform and innovation for deepening “Internet+ public security affairs”.

After the launching ceremony, the participating leaders and the on-site certificate handling people together visited the service lobby, and personally experienced the efficiency and convenience of self-service certificate handling and endorsement. The ceremony got the attention and coverage of many media such as CCTV and Shenyang TV.

CCTV media reporter gives a live interview

Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau exit-entry 24H self-service lobby is the earliest 24-hour self-service service lobby in China following Guangzhou, providing certificate issuance and Hong Kong & Macao pass endorsement functions.

24H self-service lobby is a new convenience-for-people project of Aisino after focusing on the electronization of e-pass to and from Hong Kong and Macao, which solved urban residents' greatest concern: “It’s difficult and time-consuming to get a certificate”, changed the original drawbacks that certificate handling and endorsement time was limited, and the cycle was long, and realized 24-hour certificate handling, endorsement, automatic certificate collection in 20 seconds and endorsement in 3 minutes, benefiting urban residents in a tangible way, and really realizing the convenience-for-people idea of making informationization of public security affairs comprehensive, flexible, convenient and efficient.

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