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Aisino enters into strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongmi Technology

On March 16, 2016, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Heilongjiang Zhongmi Net Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhongmi Technology) in Harbin. According to this Agreement, the two sides will realize the logistics traceability and anti-counterfeiting traceability of the agricultural and sideline products of Zhongmi Technology’s online mall via “Aisino Commodity Traceability Platform”.

Adopting such information technologies as RFID, QR code and GIS, the commodity traceability platform independently developed by Aisino fully incorporates the commodities marketed by more than 2,000 rice processors from Northeast China and over 4,000 rice dealers nation wide that deal through Zhongmi Technology’s online mall, with sales, logistics, security and other links under unified management. The platform has officially opened a channel for the third-party product traceability certification. It not only serves general business but also provides vertical e-commerce, WeChat business and other industrial forms with safe and reliable product traceability and anti-counterfeiting services.

In future cooperation, both sides will take their advantages to facilitate the development of the vertical e-commerce platforms in the northeast and create value for and stimulate the vitality of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional trade model of the agricultural and sideline products in Northeast China towards a new “Internet + e-commerce” model.

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