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Aisino Successfully Wins the Bid for Tianjin Inter-school Synchronous Online Teaching System Project

On May 19, 2016, Anhui Aisino Technology Co., Ltd. (Aisino Anhui) under Aisino Corporation (Aisino) entered into an agreement on the Tianjin Inter-school Synchronous Online Teaching System Project with Tianjin Educational Technology Center, with the bid amount hitting more than RMB 72.6 million. The project is another industry information business of Aisino Anhui after its projects in Guizhou and Jiangsu.

Venue of contract signing

Both parties sign the agreement

Falling in to the construction range of the national key educational work “Three Accesses and Two Platforms”, the project needs to construct a number of remote classrooms, mobile workstations and functional classrooms, and deploy multiple sets of inter-school network synchronous teaching systems, interactive information forwarding servers, interactive information transfer control servers, etc. Involving a lot of aspects of work, the project will have a great influence in the informational education area of Tianjin and even China.

After the project is completed, it can achieve online teaching facing all the teachers and students of basic education and pre-school education with the help of such basic educational facilities as multi-media classrooms, broadband networks, and school-level data centers. Through real-time AV interactive technology, it allows the teachers and students in different geographic locations to attend the same class, thus expanding the coverage of high-quality educational resources, building the ecosystem for the flow of the generative resources in Tianjin and promoting the sharing of quality educational resources and the balanced development of education.

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