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Aisino Facilitates the Successful Promotion of Beijing State Tax Electronic Records Management System

Of late, Aisino Corporation (Aisino)’s Aisino HD camera and Aisino commissioned scanning equipment successfully won the bid of the Hardware Equipment Purchase Project of Beijing State Tax Electronic Records Management System.

By promoting “Internet +” action and amendments to tax collection and control records management method, Beijing Municipal Office, SAT has established the basic pattern of tax collection and control that is based on the electronic filing system, standardized by the Municipal Office and implemented by the district offices. Aisino will comprehensively facilitate the whole-process informational archive management of Beijing Municipal Office, SAT and achieve the “Internet + Archives” management model. So far, the shortlisted devices have been widely used at lots of taxation windows of multiple districts of Beijing. This not only reflects the powerful product strength of Aisino but also provides successful cases for the building of the state taxation archive management system building of other provinces.  

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