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Aisino Enters Product and Strategic Cooperation with ZTE in the Field of Finance and Taxation

On June 7, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) and ZTE Corporation held a ceremony for Aisino Software Technology Co., Ltd. and ZTE Cloud Service Co., Ltd. officially entering into the Cooperation Agreement on the Product Integration between Financial Sharing Center and Tax Sharing Center in Beijing. Mr. Chen Rongxing, Aisino’ Deputy General Manager and Mr. Chen Hu, Vice President of ZTE attended the signing ceremony.

Scene of signing ceremony

Aisino and ZTE, relying on their wholly owned subsidiaries, will play their respective business and resource advantages in the field of finance and taxation to work together to carry out informational construction in the field and promote the product integration between Financial Sharing Center and Tax Sharing Center. Aisino’s Tax Sharing Center will provide related product and technical supports for the tax informational construction of ZTE’s Financial Cloud as well as comprehensive, integrated and closed-loop fiscal and taxation solutions and information system products.

Mr. Chen Rongxing delivers a speech

Mr. Chen Rongxing noted that Aisino, by use of the Internet sharing thinking, through resource integration and brand innovation, has created the products and platforms of "Tax Sharing Center and achieved good results. Aisino and ZTE, as two important forces in the field of finance and taxation, have common development aspirations, similar ideas and complementary advantages in the aspects of products, platforms, services and channels.

Mr. Chen Hu delivers a speech

Mr. Chen Hu said that by signing this agreement, Aisino and ZTE will further cement cooperation in a broader field and at a higher level. In the future, the two sides will work together and keep improving in the field of finance and taxation to help domestic enterprises effectively enhance the management innovation and financial and taxation business capacity and provide important supports for the globalized development of Chinese enterprises.

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