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Aisono Wins the Bid for IC Card Procurement Project of Hebei Province Expressway Management Bureau

On June 2, 2017, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) successfully won the bid for the IC card procurement project of Hebei Province Expressway Management Bureau. In the project, Aisino will provide more than 1 million IC card products for the owner.

Over the years, Aisino, relying on strong R & D strength and advanced production equipment, has developed multi-band and multi-class smart card products, which have been widely used and driven the development of the domestic smart card and RFID electronic label products. The product for this bid is the non-contact IC card independently developed by Aisino. It meets international standards and has strong applicability. At present, Aisino has provided more than 4 million pieces of cards for Hebei Expressway. In the future, Aisino will continue to play market expansion capability of the traditional business, increase the intensity of new product research and development and open up new markets.

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