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Aisino Wins the bid for the Application System Database Integration Project of Highway Administration Bureau of Henan Provincial Department of Transportation

On November 15, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) successfully wins the bid for application system database integration project of Highway Administration Bureau of Henan Provincial Department of Transportation.

Aisino will consolidate the data resources of the departments at all levels of Henan Provincial Highway Administration Bureau to establish a unified data resource center that meets the requirements of the entire highway industry and is used by all departments at provincial, municipal, county and highway maintenance squad levels and achieve the highway industry data management goals of “one logical database, save every datum, multi-source updates and one sources for multiple use”.

The integration of multi-database resources is an inevitable trend for traffic administrative departments to improve management efficiency and improve information sharing and integration. Based on this, Aisino, by exerting its advantages, has developed a data integration platform and formed a database resource for the whole process data management of highway data collection, maintenance management, project construction and emergency response and other business processes.

After the completion of the project, it will effectively break the bottlenecks of unshared data, data access inconsistency and waste of resources in various business departments of the Highway Administration Bureau, break the “information island” of highway data management and provide scientific, reliable and comprehensive data supports for the management of highway industry and strategic decision.

This project is a brand-new exploration of Aisino’s application of system database integration in the field of intelligent transportation and is of great significance for further and broader market expansion.

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