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Aisino Undertaken ID Card Production Center Project Settled Down in The Republic of Angola

Recently, the construction of Aisino Corporation (Aisino) undertaken ID Card Production Center Project was officially kicked off in the Republic of Angola. This is the first time for the ID card production system and large-size equipment with the independent intellectual property of Aisino to go out of the country.

In the project, Aisino will undertake the module wrapping (testing) processing and various quality inspection and control work of the ID cards in Angola. From system planning, software development, hardware equipment provision, software services, card delivery and services, the system is wholly completed by Aisino.

The system plan of the Angolan ID Card Production Center fully reflects the technical advantages of Aisino in the area of e-certificate production. Aisino supplies Angola with the large-sized certificate production equipment for centralized mass production of certificates, the small-sized certificate production equipment suitable for desktop certificate production and relevant supporting equipment and supplies. All equipment can achieve double coating and double printing to enhance card protection. At the same time, card surface uses a variety of innovative anti-counterfeiting technologies which enable a substantial increase in information security.

In recent years, while continuously developing its domestic business and increasing its market share, Aisino has also fulfilled its responsibilities as a central government enterprise. Under the guidance of China’s “B&R” initiative, it integrates resources, actively expands international business and makes constant efforts to enhance Aisino’s global brand influence.

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