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PetroChina VAT Invoice Issuing and Management System Launched

Of late, the VAT Invoice Issuing and Management System (Phase I) jointly developed by Aisino Corporation (Aisino) and PetroChina Planning & Engineering Institute (CPPEI) was launched at PetroChina Sales Branch.

Based on tax-related big data, Aisino builds an informational platform that closely matches the business scenes of petrol stations, gas stations and petrol & gas stations. The platform is highly integrated with PetroChina’s existing business systems and provides full-service invoice data management functions. It is deeply integrated with the tax control system and the public account and APP of PetroChina Hospitality E-Station and supports full-service scenarios, safe, convenient and efficient issuance and risk management of all kinds of invoices. So far, the system has covered nearly 20,000 invoicing points of 8,000 gas stations of PetroChina in 11 provinces, satisfying the invoicing management requirements of petroleum products, natural gas, non-oil products and recharge businesses of the petrol stations, gas stations and petrol & gas stations of PetroChina. It can provide fast invoice delivery service for gas stations 24 hours a day.

The platform not only promotes the management and application of electronic invoices in the petroleum field and strengthens comprehensive management and control, but also provides more reliable big data support for management decision-making. It will play a more important role in serving national strategy and national economy and people's livelihood.

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