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Aisino School of Hebei GEO University Unveiled

On June 6, the unveiling ceremony of Aisino School of Hebei GEO University was held in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Zhang Fengqiang, CFO of Aisino, Wei Hongwen, Deputy General Manager of Aisino, Zhang Xiaoping, Vice President of Hebei GEO University, and Song Shaoqing, dean of the School of Accounting attended the unveiling ceremony.

Scene of unveiling ceremony

Aisino School of Hebei GEO University was jointly established by Aisino and Hebei GEO University. It is another innovative practice of Aisino to promote the deep integration of schools and enterprises, service industry and social development. The two sides will fully integrate superior resources and carry out all-round cooperation in terms of personnel training, scientific research, informational construction, scientific and technological innovation, technical consultation, personnel training, internship and employment, explore the training mode of innovative technical talent, and promote innovation, entrepreneurship and education reform.

Zhang Fengqiang said in his speech that Aisino adheres to the school-enterprise cooperation development strategy and will cultivate a large number of talents who understand finance, taxation and information technology to empower the talent team building and social development of Aisino.

Wei Hongwen pointed out in his speech that promoting the combination of production, education, research and use can further deepen the systematic cooperation of scientific research innovation, personnel training and practical application.

Zhang Xiaoping noted that the two sides will combine the financial sharing teaching curriculum system of Aisino to jointly research and develop advanced enterprise management accounting, financial sharing service theory system, innovate accounting talent training mode and achieve school-enterprise cooperation and industry-university win-win cooperation.

During the period, the two sides had in-depth communication and exchanges on further establishing an in-depth cooperation model, formulating a personnel training program and related work.

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