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Aisino Attends China International Exhibition on Police Equipment (9th Event)

On May 15-18, China International Exhibition on Police Equipment (9th Event) hosted by the Ministry of Public Security was held at China National Convention Center in Beijing. Aisino attended the event with its new achievements continent people and the police, especially displaying its business in terms of population security, smart entry and exit, and smart transportation.

Exhibition booth of Aisino

With the theme of “Building Intelligent Equipment and Escorting Safe China”, the exhibition aimed to showcase the latest achievements in international and domestic police equipment. As one of the important strategic partners and overall design units of the National “Golden Shield Project”, Aisino deeply integrates the new generation of information technology with traditional industries, and actively participates in the construction of major projects of the state and the Ministry of Public Security and the development of industry standards, with increasingly prominent brand effect in the public security field.

In this exhibition, Aisino had a centralized display of various self-service equipment launched by the Ministry of Public Security, including the self-service application and self-service licensing equipment in the field of public security as well as all-in-one machine in the field of entry and exit, application acceptance platforms and other equipment. The comprehensive application of various devices is a solid guarantee for the implementation of the concept of President Xi Jinpin “let the information run more and let the people run less”. The experiential equipment and booth attracted the attention of many industry experts, attendees and social media.

In the future, Aisino will facilitate the construction of smart public security through Internet and IoT technologies and contribute to enhancing the people's sense of well-being and happiness.

Exhibition scene

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