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Director of Hebei State Taxation Administration and Mayor of Xingtai City Visit Aisino Smart Cloud Self-service Taxation Hall for Survey and Work Guidance

On April 11, Lu Ziqiang, Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Director of Hebei State Taxation Administration and Dong Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary of Xingtai Municipal Committee, Mayor of Xingtai and Secretary of Party Leadership Group of the municipal government, visited Xingtai Dong Xiaoyu, went to the Xingtai Smart Cloud Self-service Taxation Hall comprehensively built by Aisino Corporation (Aisino) for survey and work guidance.

The hall is China’s first t full-service and all-weather self-service taxation hall that Aisino builds by use of aerospace technology combined with artificial intelligence and Internet technology. In the future, taxpayers can experience smart and convenient services brought by artificial intelligence technologies such as face swiping taxation, live identification, voice interaction and unattended operation in the self-service taxation hall.

Visiting intelligent cloud self-service taxation office

Visiting smart robot “Yunxiaoshui”

On-site personnel entered the self-service taxation hall through the gate and were guided by the smart robot “Yunxiaoshui” to the self-service terminal taxation area. The visitors viewed on site the face recognition landing system, the new taxpayer package service one-stop settlement, QR code scanning invoicing with local tax collected and taxpayer self-service ticket fetching without disk inserted. The leaders present highly praised the smart cloud self-service taxation hall of Aisino.

Aisino fulfills its responsibility of being a central enterprise, gives full play to the advantages of its technologies and services and is committed to facilitating the country's tax reform and serving taxpayers. In the future, Aisino will continue to adhere to driving development through innovation, promote successful projects and experience and make greater contributions to the improvement of tax information technology and the country's economic construction.

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