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Nationwide Deployment Completed for Aisino Built National Entry-Exit Management Information System

On December 28, 2017, the National Exit-Entry Management Information System of the Ministry of Public Security, which was built by Aisino Corporation (Aisino), was officially switched in Beijing, marking the completion of its nationwide deployment.

The entry-exit management information system developed by Aisino builds a comprehensive business system featuring clear boundary, smooth flow and efficient operation. It has many innovations from such aspects as functional modules, interface management, interface management and event management, regulates the operation of power, improves the information management level of entry and exit personnel and creates a new “clear, standardized and transparent” management model.

The system has been successfully launched nationwide. It further promotes the deep integration between information technology and the exit-entry management and realizes the unification between the exit-entry services and management, the combination between business monitoring and early warning, the sharing of data resources, strict business logic, and flexible service means. It lays a solid foundation for the further expansion of Aisino in the entry-exit field.

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