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“51 Box” Wins the Innovation Product Award in China’s Taxation Field 2017

On December 22, 2017, the 2017 China ICT Entrepreneur Conference hosted by China Center for Information Industry Development was held in Beijing. The “51 Box” developed by Aisino Corporation (Aisino) won the “the Innovation Product Award in China’s Taxation Field 2017”.

Award medal

“51 Box” is a high-performance tax-controlled billing device independently developed by Aisino and provides one-stop invoice management service and equipment intelligent management solutions. The product provides a variety of client forms such as mobile APP, browser, etc. It also provides H5 billing service docking for enterprises and third-party partners and can realize seamless connection with ERP and the business system. Breaking the restrictions on the use venue of traditional billing equipment, “51 Box” is easy to use, easy to maintain and fast in invoicing response. It has powerful invoicing and management functions, greatly reducing the cost of invoice management and work efficiency. It is a new generation of billing server rolled by Aisino.

Aisino leads the new ecology of the cloud tax industry and has long been committed to promoting the application of cloud computing, mobile Internet, information security, big data and artificial intelligence in tax-related business areas, promoting taxation informationization progress and the development of tax-related information service industries and contributing wisdom and strength for government transformation and business development.

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